Monday, December 20, 2010

Party dress

today, i wanna share fashion bout dress party for young girl.
in this, "nanda" request for me..
she want goes to the party, buut..she didnt understand how make a dress party for muslimah..and keep syar'i

and this is it :

detail look

 yuhuuww....nana try to designed, how she lookin' girly but still young look..
for material : i wanna use 3 fabric, such us : 
1. for ribbon : i put velvet or santung for these...
2. for dresses : 2 material " cotton/silk satin and chiffon"

and for under dresses, i make a transparant skirt, for new look style.
sooo.... she must use a legging on the bottom..^_^

for price : IDR 400.000,- (for silk satin)
and for cotton : IDR 350.000,-

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hun hun said...

cantik banget sayaaang..
cocok buat yang berjiwa muda..