Saturday, June 5, 2010

inspiration for my design

holla..assalamualaikum dear..
hopefully ure right and always happy everyday..amin.
my friends, what are u thinking about ure weekend??run away...or shop on mall..or rathered with ure lovely
whatever ure do it for weekend...i hope u happy yeaaa....
and now....i wanna little bit story, yesterday i has message from friends, she ask to me " nana...please tell me what ure inspiration for ure design?and...bla..bla..bla.." question for me..and i wanna share on these my blog, about who is inspiration me for my design..
the answer is :
1. Lollipop or sugar
hahahhaa....are u kidding nana?^0^
ow..nooooo..inseriously guys..i love lollipop..and why lollipop become inspiration to me?because that colour is colourfull. for me.

2. princesses disney 
u know ex : aurora princess, princess snow white, princess jasmine, cinderella, etc
uw...i like...i like...i like because that dress very berry colourfull and smooth..really like it.
3. Game fashion
hahha...again again..and again...i think i back to the playgrup..hehe..
but honesty..that game gave me inspiration loh.... fashion for ure visit and i continue to visit it ..that is :

4. Vintage 70'an
yes..vintage my' usually nana search magazine and book fashion 70'an
and yes..i find it..and i realize one by one.

5. youuuuu.. so inspiration to me.hehe...
so' i would like thanks u for all my friends who has share with me, give me a motivation, give me knowlage about fashion..thank you so much..if u "cuex" with me..maybe i cant such as now...thank you friends,thank u costmore...i really love u...


dsy said...

waa.. you can get inspirations for your designs from lollipops! that's cool!
now I believe that inspirations do come from anything, indeed
keep up the good work, girl! ;)

aishi lely said...

yup..semua hal bisa menginspirasi kita klo gak malas untuk menggali ide ^^

Elsa said...

aku pikir, disney's princesses itu menginspirasi semua gadis kecil di dunia deh..
dengan dongengnya
dengan gaunnya....

aku juga suka banget tuh