Sunday, November 14, 2010

HFW1 : what i wear to a future job..???

day one :
Salam ladies..
for the first Hijab Fashion Week..theme for today is : what would you wear to work or a future job?
Yes...the answer is : F.A.S.H.I.O.N   D.E.S.I.G.N.E.R

dream job is highly expected since I was the elementary school.when I was child, if I want to go anywhere, I always take a paper and pencil.if I'm bored waiting my mom, for social gathering, I usually fill it with a drawing of saturation.
until now, the custom was still frequently appear.
and now, the age of 22 years, I really want to realize what I had dreamed of becoming a fashion designer Muslim.despite many obstacles and hurdles to overcome, but the desire to make every problem becomes simple.

(ini adekku..caca, semenjak buka butik online, caca selalu suka belanja n pesen sama nana, dan jadi jarang shopping di luar, lumayaaa....n..hehe...)
insyaAllah, I hope my dream will be come true. Amiiiiin...^__^

And this is my outfit for job future,hehe....

i think i will enjoy with these wardrobe..
coz, its simple and comfy..
that scraft make me better stylish..hehe...and u can try it at home if u want guys

(yipppiyyy.....its multifungtion,
the scraft can be a hijab..and i put black bros for sweet lookin')

and than...

yuks...mariii cap cuws..hehe...

- scraft or hijab : hawaii fashion
- t-shirt : DFM collection (daily fashion muslimah)
- pants : DFM collection (daily fashion muslimah)
- shoes : austrian
- bag : LV
- belt : hawaii fashion
- bros : aisyah boutique
(Besides want to be a fashion designer, I also have dreams to become a "lecturer", the reason is the task and the work that is very noble, in addition to a salary .. also a lecture is religious teaching that would not be interrupted if our science is used by students . .
insya Allah .. hopefully all the ideals can be realized,, as well as with friends .. hopefully its ideals can be done all yes, amiiiiiin)

If you wanna see looks of other HFW's participants, please do visit Em's blog, Modesty Theory
many fashion hijab follow this event..from arround the world..^__^^


indhira said...

good combination na...
like ure scraft

Anonymous said...

nice pic

dv said...

keren na, br tau ni ada event begini..bisa dijadikan referensi, terus berkarya ya naa :)

ratna wulandari said...

@ indhira : thank you dear indhira...^__^

@ an : ^__^

@ dv : makasii ya dv....^_^

riesta said...

waaaaaaa,,,,kereeen Na....

F i K a said...

itu yang dipake jadi jilbab pake ciput lagi gaa?baguus jatohnya yaa :)

Anonymous said...

Love the LV bag!

ratna wulandari said...

@ riesta : makasiiy rista...^__^ayo..dicoba wat kekantor ta..

@ fika : itu g pake ciput fik..langsungan aja gitu, cuma pke daleman ^_^..hayuk di coba..^_^

@ madem : thank u dear..^_^